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Interactive Touchscreen Products

Using Touchscreen based technology, attendees simply touch the screen to activate the desired functions. Our software platform has been proven in the field for over 10 years and features extreme reliability.

Features and benefits include:

  • Customizable - we can add custom modules depending on your needs.
  • International friendly - our system speaks seven languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Cantonese, and Japanese.
  • Sponsor friendly - we can add custom screen savers, splash screens, and monitor "screenie" surrounds to add impact.
  • Voice Messaging System allows attendees to leave "voice-mail" to each other. International visitors can speak in their native tongue.
  • Laser printers provide clear, easy to read output.
  • Security, as well as demographic data, can be enhanced by the addition of electronic badge readers provided by the major registration companies.
  • Demographic tracking - each query is automatically recorded, letting you know who is using the system, most popular products, etc. Instant on-screen surveys can capture areas of interest to you.
  • System can be networked, so a common up-to-date message database and/or registration database is shared throughout the show site.
  • Flexible on-site installation - use your decorating contractor's in-house fixtures, or go with an attractive custom kiosk.

Our InTouch technology can be used to enhance:

  • Opening Screens/Sponsorship Placement
  • Product Locators
  • Session Locators
  • Attendee Locators
  • Message Centers
  • Show Event Information
  • Export Directories
  • Rep/Mfr. Matching Services
  • Job Locators
  • International Visitor Directories
  • Surveys/Contests
  • Demographic/Usage Tracking